With the new One World App by Swiss Krono, have the inspiration at your fingertips everywhere!

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Designed with architects, designers, carpenters and their customers in mind, the One World App developed by Swiss Krono is also a useful tool for connecting with others and a great sales tool providing assistance to dealers.

Regardless of the design or furnishing project to be completed, architects and designers spend a lot of time advising their customers.

One of the major challenges is helping customers visualise and express their tastes before starting the in-depth study which is known to be time-consuming.

It is therefore important to help customers express themselves in order to discover and identify their aesthetic ideal or the world of comfort they are looking for, before the project is started.

The “One World” mobile application offered by Swiss Krono France lets users pre-design their spaces with the associated décor and coatings (wide range of textures and colours) in perfect harmony with current trends. These are based on diagnostics emanating from the various markets in which Swiss Krono operates.

One World, a universe of sets in the service of creativity.

Each of the 150 references of the One World range is identifiable, viewable in HD and downloadable thus bringing a reality to your projects.

In addition, the One World App is interactive and very easy to use.

It facilitates not only the choice and the exchanges between the prescribers and their contacts but also indicates to you the address of the distributor closest to your building sites.



The application allows you to order samples.