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(3-hour duration with projection, material library and provision of the book “The Timber Frame” BOIS PE Edition)

TIMBER FRAMES – Technical solutions for new construction and extensions Regulatory and normative developments

You will learn about The regulatory and normative changes in timber frame construction The constructive system of timber frame Identifying specific products and systems The various materials and tools The various stages of construction in large timber projects The peculiarities of wood extensions

Timber frames: a complete constructive system The technical and architectural possibilities Regulations and standards for timber frame construction

The fundamentals of technical design Mechanical stability (use, wind, snow, earthquakes, fire, etc.) Bracing the walls Traditional carpentry and wood framing: the key points of their compatibility

Products for building Solid wood and engineered wood Panels Insulators and films Fasteners and assembly systems

Wood extensions Special technical provisions Wood extensions in seismic zones

The tools Cutting, assembling, lifting, attaching, staying safe


Christian FANGUIN. Carpenter wood builder. He built his first timber frame houses in 1981 within a group of companies for a cooperative small business. Author of numerous technical books, he is now the technical and educational manager of the training centre BHPE (Bois Habitat Pôle Egletons)

Les sessions 2020

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