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Founded in 1966 by entrepreneur Ernst Kaindl in Menznau, Switzerland, the SWISS KRONO Group is now one of the European leaders in the field of wood-based products for construction, furniture and flooring.

The SWISS KRONO Group employs more than 5,100 employees worldwide, with 10 production sites in 8 countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and the USA). The SWISS KRONO Group controls the entire value chain, which starts with the selection of suitable wood in the forest, followed by the purchase of wood, the preparing of wood to industrial processing.

SWISS KRONO, a family business on course for international success hanks to the determination and foresight of Ernst Kaindl, the SWISS KRONO Group has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wood-based materials in just a few years, not only with its expansion into new markets (more than 121 countries), but also by constantly developing new products.

To ensure that this remains the case in the future, the Group is constantly investing in the expansion of its factories and the improvement of its production process. he SWISS KRONO product ranges available worldwide are also constantly evolving to always anticipate the needs of the markets. Quality controls are systematic and only materials meeting the strict requirements of the Group are allowed to leave the factories.

Ines Kaindl, chairman of the board of directors and a second generation family member, strives to preserve not only the innovative spirit of the Group but also the exceptional quality level of the manufacturing and delivery processes. Controls are regular and carried out by independent certification bodies.