Social and environmental responsibility

Present in France for 30 years, SWISS KRONO France is a major industrial player in the field of wood-based products.

More than ever, the company is adopting a sustainable development approach.

SWISS KRONO promotes the use of PEFC certified wood and thus contributes to the sustainable management of forests with its own logging companies.

Located in the heart of a forest and located near major consumption centers, SWISS KRONO is hereby able to reduce its procurement and product delivery radius, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the Group and particularly the French site have made significant investments to reduce the dependence of their factories on fossil fuels, using dust and residues of raw material as fuel.

In addition, the use of wood for the manufacture of panels makes it possible to permanently fix atmospheric CO₂ in building or furniture products, which can themselves be converted from waste to energy at the end of the life cycle.

The group’s long-term strategy includes targeted investments in environmental protection and a reduction in the consumption of natural resources:

  • Reduction in the consumption of raw materials, water and energy
  • Use of recycled wood where possible
  • Use of unprocessed biomass to reduce the use of fossil fuels (oil and natural gas).

Protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, innovating, sharing its passion for wood and making it accessible to all, these are the commitments of SWISS KRONO.

Characteristics specific to the Sully plant:


100% French wood, with an average supply radius of 180 km.

  • Reduction of the environmental impact of transporting raw materials.
  • 15 trips around the world saved each year, representing 600,000 km. 180 trucks received/day
  • 100 wood trucks for particle board, of which half is recycled wood
  • 80 log trucks for OSB (50% softwood and 50% hardwood). 15 hectares of storage space to cover nearly a month of production for each line.
  • Quality control and sampling are carried out at the guard house to determine the dry matter content (dryness loading ratio).


The logs are debarked and then cut into strips in cutters. The strips are dried in rotary dryers and brought to a moisture content of 5% (at 110°C). They then go into sorters to be divided between the different layers of the panel:

  • the thinnest strips form the inner layer.
  • The thickest are distributed between the two outer layers of the panel.

The debarker and the 2 cutters were set up in 2017 to increase hardwood production from 20 to 50%. These investments make it possible to promote local resources in the Centre-Val de Loire Region and thus contribute to reducing our environmental impact. Waste-to-energy conversion of the bark to produce 58% of our energy needs. Our approach to reducing energy consumption has been ISO 50001 certified since 2017


One of the first wet electrostatic filters (which uses water) in France in a particle board factory. Installed in 2013, we have been meeting air emission values 6 years in advance of the 2019 regulation. It captures dust from chip drying in the particle board line

  • The particles are washed and then attracted by an electrostatic field.
  • Residual dust is used as fuel in our furnace. Air emissions are continuously monitored by an accredited independent body.

Sustainable management of the forest

80% of the wood used comes from forests managed by SWISS KRONO which are located within a radius of 100 km around the plant. SWISS KRONO uses low value woods such as pine and fir (76%) and does not use formaldehyde type glue. We use the wood raw material several times, thus actively contributing to a reduction of CO2 emissions. The investments made in Sully make it possible to enhance and optimise the use of all materials. All residues are then recycled as a source of energy for production. A recovery system makes it possible to reuse the energy flows several times.