Established in 1966 in Menznau, Switzerland, by Ernst Kaindl, the SWISS KRONO group is now led by the founder’s daughter, Ines Kaindl-Benes who serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors alongside Dr. Wilhelm Hörmanseder who is also a member of the Board of Directors.

The operational activities are entrusted to the Executive Committee, under the direction of

  • Martin Brettenthaler, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / Chairman of the Executive Committee (in the middle).

The Executive Committee is also composed of the following members:

  • Beat Stebler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), (2nd from the left).
  • Roland Kovacic, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), (first from the right).
  • Max von Tippelskirch, Chief Strategy and Communication Officer (CSCO), (2nd from the right).
  • Georg Mäder, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO), (first from the left).

The Group’s ten factories in eight countries each have a management team reporting to the CEO.